Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Pie?

Couldn’t resist another dip into the cream of Scot and John’s Farm Fresh sessions. Farm Fresh is a local recording studio, here in the area, situated in an old church. The balance of instruments to voice, of guitar to bass, of voice to voice, is pretty near to true. Today’s song, the traditional, “Old Joe Clark,” was a set list staple for the old “Plank Road.” Special points to blog followers who get the reference in today’s blog title.

Today’s artwork is another illustration. This would have been an early step. The particular piece is called “The Forced Retirement of Mr. Opinion” and appeared in E-the Environmental Magazine in the early 1990’s. The graphic began with a ball-point pen drawing. Scot liked this line, although artistically it is frowned on as a medium. Any way, this is illustration, not art, right?

After the ball-point pen lines, Scot came in with a medium grey illustration marker to lay down the cross-hatching. He edits the line-work with ‘white-out’, which won’t show in the photocopy process. On top of it all, he has laid down a hint of black spatter, a truly signature technique (him and Ralph Steadman). He would then go to the library at San Francisco State University to use “the special copy machine.” We went there to use it one day, and it way gone; replaced by a new model altogether!!!! We tried to track that machine down but never did.

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