Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speak Out

Nine Part. Nine parts in this musical journey. Nine parts that fit together only in so much as they existed simultaneously in the mind and fingers of T. Scot Halpin and now exist on a piece a magnetized tape. These are total explorations. Maps. Say IF one could quiet ones mind? Where would one go? These are all solo performance--demos, every piece about it is Scot, all the weird blends--thank heavens we have it--music.

These tracks were recorded during Scot’s year-long composer-in-residence at the now famous Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito CA. This is a big story. Bigger than I can tell right now. Just for reference—this was 1988. Today’s artwork is a graphite drawing/rubbing on typing paper. Art-by-the ream-plus. This is ball-point pen plus graphite rubbing (over burlap mapboard). Guengus ART done in 2006.

FYI: The title of this blog entry is a link that will take you to a You-Tube site that features a little speaking out I recently got to do.

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