Saturday, October 24, 2009

With You

More bare bones. This was Scot’s side of our Sponges ‘dance medley “All I Want To Do Is Dance”, recorded in 1980. My side of the medley has already been featured in the blog (I Just Want To Dance). We recorded this track at a studio down on the Peninsula—Menlo Park, I think. “The Sponges” had won the session in a battle of the bands contest, at le Disque! Our friends Peter Smith and Mike Catalona were there at the session and provide the interesting commentary on the timely death of disco fishing. Blog regulars, have I already said all this?

Today’s drawing is a sweet little piece, done with a quill pen—the kind you have to dip. It does make such a fabulous and very distinguished line. This is what dancing with Scot feels like now.

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