Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sailing Unto Thee

Speaking of bones, this song always has the feel of a toss of the fortune teller’s bones to me. “Memory 17” is a song Scot wrote in 1989, when he was Composer-in-Residence of The Headlands Center for the Arts, in the Pacific Headlands outside Sausalito. The song later went on to “Folklore” a track of which I played here on the T. Scot Memorial Blog back in June (6-8-09/).

Today’s track is a wonderful solo demo Scot made of the material in 1991. Scot titled this tape: “Sing Along with Scot.” This is he himself in a room with his guitar and an echo effect. Nothing stands between us and his gift as a song-writer/musician, his gift as a singer and poet. Nothing stands between us and all his sweet notes of assurance.

Today’s artwork I really had to look for. I went down all kind of thematic paths—boats, flying spirits, mermaids on semi’s. I settled here on a shaman dude. Scot was fascinated with shamanism and often referred to himself as the Blue Shaman. Today’s piece, done in 1997, started as a graphite drawing on cotton rag board. On top of that he has laid turquoise and red spray paint and finally yellow, blue and mauve opaque acrylic.

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