Sunday, October 18, 2009

Low Down Blue

Today’s musical track is a “Jamula” improvisational composition. “Jamula” means Scot Halpin on bass, Jerry Farnsworth on guitar and Tom Smith on mouth organ. Kenny Wright did sit in quite a bit at the end of Jamula, so I guess he’d be close to being an honorary member. This track is typical of the KA music ‘Jamula’ oh so casually made—so much ‘the real thing’. There’s nothing here in the room but four people hooking-in to the blues muse.

Today’s artwork is a visual reflection of some blues I got today. Some days doing the blog, and working with an agent to bring Scot’s work to the world, and feeling him so close, just across the veil—is not still not enough. Sometimes I just miss the man.

Here’s someone also in the deep blue mode, as model for today’s artwork. This is a dry-point engraving done on plexi-glass. Special T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog points to anyone who can identify the tool used to ‘bring-up’ the edges of this plate. I really recommend blowing this image up. The dry point is magnificent—as delicate of a line as you’ll ever get. The color on this piece is also magnificent. Check out that peacock blue.

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Jeremy said...

You should check out coming to art fairs in Michigan to showcase his art work. Southeast Michigan has various art fairs all summer long. Here is a link to an art fair calendar ( Ferndale has one (or two) every summer where people come and showcase fantastic works of art!