Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heads Up

Hey everyone, I’ve got some exciting news! Things have been brewing from some time, but it seems there’s not time like the present to let you in on the skinny.


ThinkTank Emporium to Pursue
Television, Film, Publishing, and Licensing Ventures
Based on the extensive life work of T. Scot Halpin.


New York, NY/Bloomington, IN (October 2009) – Entertainment branding/consulting company ThinkTank Emporium has teamed with Robin Halpin Young to identify and develop licensing and media opportunities based on the extensive art and music legacy of her late husband, T. Scot Halpin. Announcement of the strategic association was made jointly by David Wollos and Joan Luks for ThinkTank Emporium and Robin Halpin Young for T. Scot.

The art work of T.Scot has been embraced and influenced tens of thousands of individuals across the U.S. The art itself has been sold at literally hundreds of art based fairs and markets from the west to east coast. Most recently, these works were exhibited with much acclaim at this year’s Surtex Licensing Show at New York’s Javits Center. T. Scot’s gift to the world and slogan ‘with a philosopher’s heart..’ is ready to be part of everyone’s life journey.

“We are proud to forge this significant strategic relationship with T. Scot Unlimited and Robin Halpin Young and look forward to helping position the most prominent works of T. Scot as new licensing evergreens. The story of T. Scot from his historic musician ‘pick-up’ session with the Who at San Francisco’s Cow Palace in 1973, to his much too soon passing last year, has all the elements for important story telling in the form of a documentary, and published biography. The collected works of T. Scot also establish a wonderful legacy for the licensing world.

Each of T. Scot’s works to be included within our initial line offers strong artistic awareness and tremendous potential,” said Luks.

The principals of ThinkTank Emporium possess an extensive track record of success in all areas of brand-building as well as in the areas of project development and production. “During my husband’s life, he amassed a significant portfolio of work that is ideal for development as licensing and media franchises. With the support and trajectory the Thinktank Emporium brings to the package, the mission of bringing Scot’s message of love and healing to the world has morphed with new possibilities,” smiles Robin Halpin Young.

About T. Scot
T. Scot is the official licensing and distribution outlet for the work of the late T. Scot Halpin. The accumulated work of T. Scot Halpin represents a rich vein of artwork that has all been imbued with an especially meaning filled quality that both delights and connects. Halpin achieved notoriety in 1973, at the age of nineteen, when he sat-in for Keith Moon to play with The Who at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. As Bloomington’s Herald-Times columnist, Mike Leonard put it, the story about The Who was, in the end, a “footnote to a life well lived.” Among the first images to be released will a collection entitled: A Child Is Born. Fans of T. Scot bought his unique and delightful images for the babies in their lives, for fifteen years, at top juried fine art fairs around the country. Working as lead designer for T. Scot, is Steve K. Teraberry—Halpin’s lifelong friend. This collection will now be available for licensing and distribution opportunities through the representation of The Thinktank Emporium.

About ThinkTank Emporium
ThinkTank Emporium was formed in January 2009 by distribution executive David Wollos, and licensing executive Joan Luks as an entertainment branding company representing content owners and their original properties to the television, film and licensing industries. A key initial focus of ThinkTank Emporium is the children’s and family category, where the company will target classic and original content including published books, unpublished manuscripts and branded family and toy products and cultivate the properties for television, licensing and retail. (


The ThinkTank Emporium
David Wollos –
Joan Packard Luks –


What does all this mean, you might ask?

It basically means that I am going to get some help telling Scot’s story to the world and sharing his artwork as well. My agents are super-cool, and super-connected. They came for a visit in August (yes, during those missing August entries). Steve and Mary Teraberry came over too. As per the PR above, Steve is my new business partner! We all had a wonderful time and made lots of wonderful plans.

Not to be remiss on my blog duties, let me just add to this happy news, that today’s musical track is another ‘Sponges’ tune written by Scot and performed here in 1981 by Leland Monagle on drums, Joe Belche on guitar and dear Scotty on bass and vocals. This is a weird song, but I really like all the parts. That was the way a lot of the music was in those days; it boinged around.

Today’s artwork is a page from another little booklet of drawings Scot made in 1980. He was doing a lot of posters for our shows at the Roosevelt, and was really fluid with the old cut and paste technique. These are all little sketches he’d done, here and there, and then thrown together as little love give-aways for his friends and family. I especially like the cop. Here is an example of how Scot wasn’t always just about art in a minute. Check out that cross-hatching!!!!!! The cop is c. 1974.

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