Monday, October 12, 2009

Bass Work

It’s off and away we go on another turn around the week merry-go-round. Today’s music track is an instrumental of a Jerry Farnsworth original, “What Life Can Do.” After hearing yesterday’s track, I knew I’d struck another vein, and so I greedily turned there again today. Scot’s bass work on this particular session was so especially outstanding and this mix brilliantly features this. Still don’t know who the piano player is. We’ll get there.

Today’s artwork is actually one of the few lithographs Scot did. Scot was not down with the crayons (and how careful one has to be with the litho stone). I like this piece because it seems to tell a story about tending to the bass/base in all of us, because after all, the bass is the base. This piece was done in 1998.

Because this is a memorial blog, I want to extend birthday greetings to another friend, Steve, whose birthday is today, who also is on the other side. Happy Birthday, Steve.

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