Friday, October 23, 2009

Knowing How To Live

I’m slipping dangerously behind here, and so to catch up, here are the bare bones. This is once again, “The Sponges”, Scot and my New Wave/Punk/Art/Joke band, doing Scot’s tune “I Think It’s Alright”. Scot and I were way into Reggae and Ska at the time--1979 and 1980.

“The Sponges” as pictured here were—me (in Yoga we call that face a LION), Leland Monagle, “The Sponges” cool Euro drummer, Joey Belche—guitar and vocals like a good rock & roller should, Scot—clowning around on bass, vocals and costumes. In our little punk world there were two things that meant anything—line up for the show & posters.

There were a handful of really KA bands that everyone wanted to see. “The Offs” “The Zeros” “The Dead Kennedys” “The Mutants” “Tuxedo Moon”. If one of these bands was on the bill, you’d do well. Otherwise it would be you and your 20 friends. We played a lot at this club—le Disque. Our friends Judy and Ed were doing the booking and our 20 friends filled the place. This is a poster Scot created using fun lettering and a rather silly picture.

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