Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monster Party

Monster Party” is another of the pieces that Scot did for children while we were living in Iowa City in 1981. These were little books that we thought could come with a tape (a product which didn’t exist at the time). We even looked into putting the music onto an electronic chip, which was just beginning to happen too, but the wasn’t enough room for anything this complicated and it was very expensive.

Once again, Scot is playing on all the tracks, except for the drum track. Special blog points to T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blogsters who know about this track. If you guessed the drum record checked out from the Iowa City library heard previously on the blog, you would be right. It just goes to show that Scot would work with whatever he had and always manage to make something special out of it, no matter what. We did have that Hammond B3 in the living room and that authenticity lends itself to any track.

Today’s artwork is the cover of a mock-up of the accompanying book for this project. These books have stood the test of time. I have yet to give them to any little kid who didn’t immediately fall in love with it and want to play it over and over. I want to dedicate today’s entry to a very special little friend of mine whose birthday it is today. She’s having a tea party! As Jack Skellington would say, “I hope it’s very scary.” Happy Birthday!

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