Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Thinnest of Veils

Here we find ourselves on the day they say the veil that separates us is thinnest now. I can feel it. I’ve been feeling dreadfully sad lately. Hearing Scot’s voice like this. I can definitely close my eyes and imagine that he’s here in the room with me—alive as alive can be.

Today’s musical track is another one from 1985. Scot was in a song writing frenzy at the time. He was still heavily into his Rockabilly mode. He and his compadre Edward Bachmann, kind of got into a cycle of monster and jungle creatures gone wild songs. On this track Scot is thumping along solo on an acoustic Conrad bass our friend Jeff Armstrong laid on Scot which Scot later laid on my own dear nephew Chris Schnieders, who I’m sure still has it today.

Today’s artwork is an ‘art-by-the-ream' piece. Scot is using his special pen that makes washes, discussed earlier in the blog.

Today’s is all Saint’s Day too. Here’s to all the saints.

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Christopher said...


I do still have that bass in my writing shack. Wish I could play it better and more often. Still good to have close by.
I'm proud of your accomplishment with this blog, a great thing, and hope all is going good with you and James.