Monday, November 9, 2009

Marching Along

“Marching Along” is an expression Scot and I would often use together. One of those phases you say over and over to one another. “Marching Along” to us meant doing our job—making our own sweet little progress. Sometimes it seemed like Scot had a 24/7 conduit going on in terms of being connected to the great creative spirit.

The beauty and purity of today’s track needs no liner notes to point things out. ‘Page 127 of the Song Writer’s Notebook, is a song about getting up the courage to do it all over again. The courage to be creative—to actually put yourself out on the creative line—time and again. Scot would always be looking down the creative pike, and was always ready to hitch a ride with the next passer by of a creative project.

Today’s artwork is from a killer series of drawings I unearthed today that Scot did using mostly India ink. I love the pulling of perspective that is going on in the drawing. I choice the piece with the wagon because today’s entry is in general an invitation to roll on down the road of mellow enjoyment, while still ‘Marching Along.” This piece was done in 2000.

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