Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rock Solid

At least Scot knew where he was going with this song. Scot loved this song and included it in his repetoire in the early 1980’s in a series of music he called ‘Folk Punk’. Scot took all of the raw power chording of the ‘Punk” genre with the politically urgent lyrics of the folk song. This track comes from a ‘Basement Collaboration’ session.

Jerry Farnsworth, the chief creator of the concept and the reality, rolls his eyes when he hears some of the tracks I’ve selected for the T. Scot Memorial Blog because they aren’t perfect—there are clinkers here and there. What I find amazing is actually how few mistakes there actually are on most of these tracks.

On today’s track Scot steps up to the mike for a go around with “Going Down the Road.” I mentioned earlier in the blog that Scot really took singing lead and playing bass at the same time as a serious learning project. This recording confirms the success of his mission. Everything else seems to be falling apart, but Scot hangs in there throughout—despite all the bumps and zingers.

Today’s artwork in another from the series, all done in the year 2000, which have been featured in the last few days. This piece is a perfect example of how beautifully the transparent acrylic glows with the glazed layers of color Scot has laid down.

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