Friday, November 6, 2009

Glow From Within

I reached into a big stack of “Basement Collaboration” recordings. This session was down to Kenny, Scot and Jerry. I believe this is one of Jerry’s (Farnsworth) originals. Right Jerry? Jerry did want me to pass on one correction. In my yet to be identified entry, I credited the vocalist as being our very good friend Irene—who can also sing down real low. When I found the track, I didn’t remember it from the other “Blue Jazz” session.

Here’s why, it is actually another Bloomington female jazz vocalist (you can’t believe how many good ones we have here), by the name of Loretta. I remember when Scot and I started hearing about this new female vocalist. Scot was excited to work with her.

Today’s artwork is actually a scan of a laser print of a drawing. Scot got heavily into the laser print in the early 1990’s. He was fascinated by the thick glowing characteristics of the prints. Check out how that midnight blue sky glows from within. Scot would befriend the clerk at the copy shop and go in ‘after hours’ so that he could go behind the counter and manipulate the machines. He had all sorts of specialized settings he’d worked out for skin tone and such. This piece was done in 1991.

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