Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is This You?

This entry goes out to all the people who are surrounded by the people they love, live in safe and comfortable homes, eat their fill every day, have a way to provide for themselves and their loved ones…people who have all this stuff and are still grumpy and take it out on the people around them. Why do we do that? The way I'm seeing it these days, I don't thing we should treat life like a bring down. Here we are, circling around to the holiday season once again, starting out with Thanksgiving--a holiday that provides us all with an opportunity to revisit the key lessons of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Today’s homily came straight from the tone of today’s musical track, another cut from a BC session. Scot is talking the lead on vocals as well as slotting in the groovy bass. Checking on the organ player—otherwise it’s our regular Jerry—Kenny—
Scot line-up for the BC that night, doing ELO’s! “Don’t Bring Me Down.” I definitely did not realize this was an ELO song. I realize that may make me look stupid. Oh well.

The artwork for today is just one of a million little drawings I have to choose from here. What I liked about this is that it kind of had two reads. First I saw a guy on a roof scooping up a giant ice cream cone. Somehow this fit with the musical track—providing—don’t bring me down. I can also see it another way. A guy with a big heart opening up a series of channels, through which energy is flowing, finally down through a funnel into someone’s home. The drawing was done in 2002.

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