Sunday, November 8, 2009

Even on Sunday

For today’s musical track we got to thank ‘the Plank’. The recording comes from the same session as yesterday’s killer version of “Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime?” which I characterized it as “BC hosts Plank Road”. Actually, this is plain ole “Plank Road” but---engineered by Jerry Farnsworth in his studio! Sounds good Jerry. I remember when Scot came home from this session. We both remarked on the warmth of John’s vocals as well as the great room sound. I usually listen to a track all the way through before I load it into to the pod caster. Today I didn’t thinking—yeah yeah, I'm sure it's OK—I'm sorry to say it cuts off a bit abruptly. Sometimes I know that and play it anyway. Today I didn’t and am sorry.

Art work for the day comes from an ‘art-by-the-ream’ stack. I chose it because I liked how the guy seems almost tattooed to the girl. This is kind of an ironic song to post on a Sunday, but the truth is, misery don’t know the names of the days. It does appear too that this guy does seem to be passing off a fish


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