Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coloring in the Lines

Pass the Jam, please. Lemon marmalade in this case. On Sundays I always look for something mellow—something smooth and soothing. To I choose a version of a Jamula classic for today’s entry of the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog. These pieces do have names, but for today, it’s called “Sunday Jam.” My guess is “Snake Doctor” keyboard player, Larry Vessily is playing with the boys, but I have to check. The date on the session is April 7, 2007. Scot bass work on this track is nothing short of pretty.

Today’s artwork is another piece that’s been hanging around, waiting for its slot in the blog. This is a pen & ink drawing—a quill pen, that is. The kind of pen you have to dip in each time. I loved this line—so classy, but Scot thought it was a pain. He so much preferred the speed line of a ball point pen. Once again, Scot lays down those transparent acrylics. On this piece I call your attention to the nifty freedom Scot expresses when it comes to coloring in the lines. How with a stroke, he can affect such a watery shadow.

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