Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brain Explodes Just Like a Bomb

I remember the day that I came home from work and Scot sat me down to hear a new song. He was playing it live. Singing it straight out to me. He’d read an article in, I’m pretty sure, “Rolling Stone Magazine.” It was a story of a Viet Nam era vet who had returned from Viet Nam “with a stone for a heart.” We know a lot more about this now than we did then. The words of this song are largely taken straight from the article.

Gary Cooper returned from Viet Nam with two purple hearts and a stone in his heart. There were not the words we have now to protect him and going mad in his own kitchen, he was shot down. His wife pleaded with the police. She knew. I have always been deeply touched by the tone of this wife the Scot was able to capture in his high plaintive plea.

I fear this woman’s pleas may become a sentiment that many/most of our people, young and old, returning from the wars are weary beyond sustenance. PTS is a new incendiary device now being planted into the roadways of our lives. At least now we know what it is. So as that it is Veterans’ Day, may I just say, thank you to all who have served with their best intention. I am sorry for you wounds.

I hope that I never stray from a tone a respect in this entry. “Gary Cooper” is a story of service and how important it is not to discard our heros, especially in their own kitchens. Today’s track is Scot’s friend, Edward Bachmann’s, mix of “Folklore’s” recent session. This was 1987.

Today’s artwork was done in 1996. Scot’s usual transparent acrylic is cut to the quick with thick opaque.

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