Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Message From Tennessee

The veil is still rather thin. Here’s the next song on the tape that brought us “Swamp Thing.” “Hey Now Children Hey” want on to become part of Scot’s Rockabilly set, “Swamp Thing” not so much. Here we go again with a shot of Scot straight-up. Nothing here but Scot, his guitar and a few feet of running tape. This track was recorded in 1983.

Today’s artwork is a full on painting. Scot started out this series with a fat graphite pencil and some beautiful cream cotton rag board. Once he’d laid out the drawing, he’d begin to color in the basic elements, using his various transparent acrylic techniques. ‘Done’ with these elements, he’d move over to some thick opaque enamel.

Using a medium-sized brush, he’d quickly and very gesturally move over the background, creating horizons, skies, clouds, in this case with the brown, the earth. Last but not least the spatter. Scot loved to add this effect to his graphic work. I think for him it signified the explosion that takes place when one connects with ones muse, which happened routinely for Scot and which he attended to with great devotion. This piece was done in 1996 and is called “Music Magic.”

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