Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls 'R' Us

We’re starting into the third and final month of the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog. Being the beginning of a new month, I’d thought I’d I pull up one of Scot’s wonderful electronic meditations. This is another one that takes some time to unfold, but if you hang in there and consciously make yourself listen to all the parts as they unfold, I guarantee you will have undergone a tune-up—brain-wise—by the end.

Scot was a genius for understated development—development so gradual that sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve come. It is a definite spiral journey. You keep passing yourself, and thinking everything is the same, but it’s not. Scot used tracks like these to help him meditate. Sitting in a quiet state was difficult for Scot. This track was done here in Bloomington in our Sherwood Green Condo in the year 2000.

This track shifts through an awakening. Today’s artwork is also about a little awakening. This is a hand colored etching. Scot started doing these tiny little plates in response to the super giant pieces he did for his graduate work. The plate for this piece is about 1.5 x2”. It looks like a little piece of jewelry. The process of etching metal was actually a jewelry making technique before it was a printmaking technique.

The image herein is a little strange. I think we all have a different take on what is going on here. Since I’m in the driver’s seat here, I’m going to throw out my take on this piece. The mirror is reflecting our souls and our souls are made up of love. It’s hard for us to see this some times. We tend to look away, some times out of fear and some times out of pain. The etching reminds us to look to our souls for the love we need.

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