Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Before Too Long

Standing on my spot, along with my fulcrum, I gaze across the piles of possibilities for today’s musical track and art heaped up in ways to make an archivist shudder. Being in a double entry situation, I'm going for an ‘easy couple of songs’—in this case a couple more from the first set at Gabe’fs—way back in 1982—T. Scot Bottom & the Rockabilly Funhouse—launching into Scot’s version of “The Beatles” “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Yes—the insane banshee at the end of the song is me. Extra points to regular blog listeners who have already identified my whoops and hollers at the end of practically every live tape. This one is particularly embarrassing and sent Scot to the dressing room looking like this:

Back to today’s artwork—“I Saw Her Standing There” –is a delightful pen & ink drawing complete with transparent acrylic and spattering! Easy to see why his heart went zoom. This drawing was done in 2000.

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