Monday, November 16, 2009

I Don't Mean Maybe

Returning to the here and then, back to the music format, today’s track is another one off the “Funhouse-Live at Pat O’Shea/11-1-85” tape previously featured around St Paddy’s Day this year. I love this tape because it captured that time in Scot’s career when he was really learning to be a showman. His chops were sharpened from a lot of practicing and a lot of performing—in all kinds of hair-brained gigs. Singing along side Scot on this track is the fabulous Judy Tampa. Judy and Scot’s voices fit so well. Judy has a full-blown gift for harmonies, her lead vocals always reminded me of Tammy Wynette. The song on today’s track, "BE BOP A LULA" was written by the very cool, Gene Vincent, with the help of Donald Graves in the lyric department.

Today’s artwork is another piece from Scot’s ‘Art on Music’ series. In this piece there is a whole lot of cutting out with black going on. The drawing is graphite—but Scot has gone in with cans of spray paint and laid down some sparkles of color. On top of that he’s laid this fairly thick wash of India ink that does not like the oil base spray paint. Scot enjoyed these types of resistances. I like how this girl’s roses look like maracas!

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