Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seventh Inning Stretch

So you say, but here I am back at it again—with the old boo-hoo. Catch-up time. This is the third entry I’ve included in the T. Scot Halpin Memorial blog from this tape made in 1988. The absolutely perfect “Heave Ho’Jericho”, the Reggae blast and now this Page H&^&$ of the Scot Halpin notebook. That’s how Scot titled his files—random strokes across the keyboard. Makes for damn interesting archiving. Today’s song is probably the first recording of a song called “Ventilation”—pre lyrics. Ventilation seemed like a good theme for an entry called “Seventh Inning Stretch”.

Today’s artwork has captured me body and soul. I love this piece. As a result of pressure of various different sources, I have joined facebook and I’m thinking of using it for my picture. There’s all kinds of stuff going on with this piece. More spray paint—green in lower RHC. India ink—big loose washes. Lots of graphite on this one. The face—the eye in the ball--the shadow across the ches-- the ghostly face in the lower RHC. On top of that we’ve got the frosting of the hot pink house paint for feathers and hat.


Ride This Vehicle Of Freedom

Catch up time. Here are the basics. This is another solo demo version of Scot’s tune, “Heave Ho Jericho” written in 1988. In this track we hear him conceive of the final part of the song, on the spot.

Artwork for today is a really wild and loose transparent acrylic treatment on a very simple drawing. This piece was done in 1999

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