Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can't Do It All By Myself


Sorry about the gappage. The truth is, doing this daily blog is hard. I am practically always thinking about the blog. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I worry all day about when I’m going to get a chance to put the day’s entry together. If I miss an entry, I feel really bad about not keeping up my commitment.

A teacher of mine recently reminded me how debilitating it can be to make yourself give when you are truly unable to give. I don’t think I have all what it takes to do this blog stored up inside me. I need help. The help I need come from another source, gently urging my gaze to a certain cassette tape—or sometimes I’m drawn downstairs toward a very specific box of drawings. It’s fun and easy that way and that’s the way I want to play out these last three months of the blog.

Yes, someone asked me to clarify that. The T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog is set to run from February 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010. After that, entries will be posted on an irregular and impromptu basis. Today’s music is a “Basement Collaboration” session recorded on April 26, 2005. Don’t know who the harmonica player is who is also doing the lead vocals on this track. As per all blog gaps, hopefully soon a crew will be along behind me mapping the gaps so that I can eventually revisit those entries and due my due.

Today’s artwork is a lovely study in purple and gold. Nobody here has got any arms. I chose this piece because something about it seemed to illustrate how very much none of us can do it all by ourselves. Especially the important work. As Winnie would say, “Be sure to open that 1,000 petal lotus you have on the top of your head.” This piece was done in 1999.

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