Friday, November 20, 2009

A Case For Sunflowers & Chihuahuas

Music for today is a return to the magic of “Carlyn Lindsay & Snake Doctor” dashing things off in their own electrical way. This is the version of “Hound Dog” we heard the band first working out in rehearsal in an earlier entry. This is a live recording made at the Encore Café in 2003. Carlyn and the band are playing tomorrow night in the Frangipanni Ballroom at the IU memorial union. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Today’s artwork is a sweet simple drawing entitled “Angel with Sunflower and Chihuahua.” In the spring of 2007 Scot broke down and let James and I bring home a Chihuahua puppy. Couple this with this sweet fact that I think of Scot as the Sunflower Man. When we moved to Indiana, Scot began growing sunflowers. He’d save his seeds and it was a big deal every year when he’d plant them. This combination seemed at great antidote to the low down slow down. This are different colors for Scot. I like how the blue edges form an abstract frame. This drawing was done in 2007.

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