Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sing Me Back Home


August 4, 1928
August 29, 2009

Today is the three-month anniversary of the passing of my friend Carlyn’s beloved mother, Lenore Logan Lindsey. When I proposed adding a dedication to her mother to the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog, Carlyn immediately saw what a good fit the idea was. So today, we also remember Lenore.

Carlyn was happy about the idea because she said her mom had led a simple small town life, focused completely on caring for her children. Come to find out Lenore educated her self and worked her entire adult life as a professional type-setter. This was at a time when most small town Kentucky women had few educational opportunities and were more likely then not, massively employed at home. The fact that Lenore did all three tells us that she must have had some extra-ordinary pluck, something that she can be happy about having passed on to Carlyn.

This picture was taken when Lenore was only 14 years old. Think of it! She obviously had tremendous beauty and grace. Carlyn said she was married within just a few years.

The music I have chosen for today is from the recording of a set at the Paradise CafĂ©, south of Market Street, in San Francisco in 1988. Scot was playing drums in this line-up for his friend Edward Bachmann. The name of the band was “E.B. White.” We have heard two KA tracks from this gig in the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog Already. The amazing harmony vocals are by Miss Judy Tampa.

The tune is by Merle Haggard. The fact is, Scot was just sitting on the drums during this song not playing, so it only technically qualifies as a piece he’s on. I really wanted to use though, because this time I wanted something really specific, and this song and these harmonies so beautifully capture the sentiment and structure of everything I’d like to say to Carlyn and to Scot and to my mom and dad and to all our loved ones who have crossed over.

The artwork for today is just an accompaniment to everything else in the entry—a sweet sadness. This piece comes straight out of a book of Gospel Hymns. Scot’s line work was done with a calligraphy brush and India ink. The color is transparent acrylic. This piece was done in 2001.

May the memory of our ancestors guide and keep us. May we remember that love connects us to our loved across the veil. May we also remember that our loved ones live on through us.

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