Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turn of the Tides

I’ve been likening the blog to a pregnancy, and hypothetically speaking I’m feeling in about the seventh month. You know it’s going to end, but you can’t imagine that it ever will. By the seventh month however, even the most joyful expectant mom is starting to get ready to ‘revisit the idea of not being pregnant.’ I admit, I’m starting to get ready to have my commitment to the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog be fulfilled.

Today’s music has a really cool reggae groove. I love Reggae music and so did Scot. This is what I would call a ‘sound track demo’ in that Scot would set about laying down a set of track upon which he could lay a groove. This recording was made in 1989 on Page Street. Reggae music has a pull on me like the turning of the tides.

Today’s artwork is another from a ‘pink series’ also previously featured in the blog. Scot almost always worked in series. He’d line up the surfaces, no matter whether he was working on canvas, clay, wood panel, or his beloved PAPER! It would always be the same--a series with its own tides. Yesterday we talked about resistance—today we see the pull of attraction and more India ink. Recently we had some pasta that was dyed with squid dye—made for wild, delicious, very black pasta! Something in me is thinking squid dye in a tide pool now, when I Iook at this piece.

Still having problems getting the feed over to the blogsite. In the meantime the audio feed is available at:


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