Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Out Of The Clouds

Zoom! Sometimes things just take off. I picked this piece because I was looking for artwork that would capture the motion of today’s musical track--the “Basement Collaboration’s” “Alleluya Instrumental.” I love how this music soars and banks. I can just see this house being ferried along by love around some mighty tall thunderheads, just barely getting away--but making it.

Today’s artwork is an intaglio (to take away, remember). I’m not sure how to technically describe it because the tool Scot used to ‘take plate away’ with, (at least around the edges) was sandpaper. This was when Scot was making his intaglio plates on plexi-glass instead of metal. To Scot’s satisfaction, this opened up a whole new range of improvisational tools to add to the medium. The coloring on this piece is pigmented printing ink and was applied with Scot’s thumb!

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