Wednesday, October 7, 2009


“Who says tapes don’t skip?” This was one of those inside jokes. Something that either one of us would always say, and the other would always laugh. It happened when cassettes came in and mostly a commercial tape wouldn’t skip—but we were mostly taping our vinyl or recording off the radio. Special T. Scot Memorial Blog points to anyone who remembers KSAN, an ‘alternative format’ radio stations that regularly played whole album sides and great live concerts. Some of those tapes did, in fact, skip—just as does of musical track today.

The recording of Irene and Blue Jazz were all early times and for some reason a lot of the CD’s I’m working with of their material—skip. I am hoping that Jerry’s master tracks are OK. Today’s song ”Light MY Fire” is a “Doors” tune that Scot was working on for his own newly developing vocal repetiore (songs that he could sing and play the bass on at the same time). This is definitely his arrangement, but Irene, as usual does her fabulous time warping vocals.

Today’s artwork is another piece done on musical score. This is India ink, applied with a Japanese calligraphy brush and colored with blue and yellow transparent acrylic. Scot did this piece in 2002.

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