Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just realized that the baseball thing is heating up. Fortunately, both Scot and I shared a lack of fascination for sports in general. I always feel sorry for those couples when one likes it and the other doesn’t. The best thing that happened to me in conjunction with sports is that Scot proposed to me at opening day of the Giants, way back in April of 1983.

Today’s track gives us a shot at hearing Scot play some really nice licks. He is playing the instruments on all the tracks. This was the late 1989 and he had gotten pretty darn good at slicing this loaf.

Today’s artwork is an ‘art-by-the-ream’ piece—ball-point pen on typing paper. It was done in 2005. Scot grew up not too far from ‘the field of dreams’-- literally. Some kids he went to high school put up the field lights for the set (if I have the story right?).

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