Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's My Birthday Too Yeah

Once again I say “thank you” to the $15 tape recorder, which so magically now can transport us to July 4th, 1983--Half Moon Bay, California. Here were are still at what has historically become known as the “The Fishermen Gig.” Here we move on to a song that I don’t think has been featured on the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog, although it was another one of Scot’s really super favorites, Muddy Waters’ “Mojo Workin’.” I am truly amazed at how much we can here on this crumby little recording. I am digging the piano so much. I love how this guy slide between ringky-tink and organ. I am sorry I have for the moment lost track of his name. I’m flat out for Scot’s guitar work around 1:37.

Today’s artwork is an example of how some days it’s easy and some days it’s hard. Because it’s my birthday, I had a specific image in mind. Isn’t that the way, it’s harder when you want something specifically. For me today, it was this image. On many of my entries I can reach over, shuffle through a pile or two and come up with something great. This piece on the other hand, was of course on the bottom of the pile of a cupboard in the basement, that I had to wheel out and shuffle through.

I found it, but the scanner didn’t like the plastic sleeve that was on it, so I took it out of the sleeve. It didn’t like the distance between the mat and the glass, so I tore off the mat. It still didn’t like the size of the backing board and so what you see here today is the ragged gut of the foam core. The drawing is a sweet one. It is an original drawing with beautiful transparent acrylic. Scot loved this little lady. She showed up a lot in his work. She’s someone who appreciates reminders and loves the icing of sentiment.

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