Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Next Page

Turn the page of ‘the song writer’s note book and we find this track that starts out as sort of a treatise to ‘the path less taken’ and then takes a fun turn and goes to “it’s OK to have your own rocky road.” It strikes a chord with something one of my ministers put out—I accept myself right now, just as I am, unconditionally. Say that to yourself a few times in the mirror, and you’re sure to get an effect.

I love all the reassuring Scot does in this song. “A memory that gives you strength.” In the background you can hear the
7 Haight and several other buses thunder by. There was a child care center right across the street from us, which was great—a big sunny patch of humanity.

Today’s artwork was done in 1997. This is pen & ink and semi-transparent acrylic paint.

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