Monday, October 26, 2009

House of Light

Same body of music. “I Want the Light” This arrangement was created for an installation that Scot did for an Open Studio during his residency at the Headlands during spring of 1989. His studio was up in this enormous attic of a hundred year old army barracks overlooking the beautiful Marin Headlands and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Along the rib bones of the attic Scot hung a huge newly painted painting on each rib, the only light in the room coming from the floor, below each painting. The installation was breath taking. Each painting became a window from the dark to the light. The music served as guide.

I find today’s artwork is wonderfully illustrative of the music. We’ve got momma in the bakery, we’ve got the night, and we’ve got the house of light. This is a graphite drawing, with some colored pencil effects and lots of lovely lemon transparent acrylic paint.

I like any good poetry meanings can change. In this song I now hear Scot asking to experience the night, so that he may bring on the light. Nice.

About some recent holes. The last few days have been kind of dodgy and as a result there have been some gaps in the blog. Most are filled, but I did want to mention that the title for the “Speak Out” entry below (10-21-09) is now a link to a little bit of speaking out I was invited to do. Just click on the blog title for the link.

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