Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Day Bop at the Courage Buffet

The orchestra tunes up on the early moments of this tracj. Guitar here. A bink from the keyboard to check the key. A crash of the digital cymbal. This track tonight is giving me the courage to forge ahead. Turn it up. Here Scot has set out a gallop of a pace. I feel myself flying over the plain of music, as Scot himself must have, when he set up all these rollicking tracks—one by one. Drums—yes, probably the cheapest drum machine ever manufactured, glorious Kay guitar track (twice—one with WAWA), bass the way Scot played it—squeezing in the another melody, and finally laying down a 100% improvisational keyboard track.

I have talked about the technique Scot used in today’s art piece—staff paper, sepia and India Ink wash, beautiful Japanese calligraphy brush with long sable hairs.

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