Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Days

Swinging on in for a strike. Three “T. Scot Bottom & the Rockabilly Funhouse” tracks in a row. I am just getting such a kick out of hearing the youthful sweetness in Scot’s voice. This was another song that Scot had kind of created his own chord structure for. When he started playing out here in Bloomington and he brought some of these songs to the table, was when he realized it.

“Do You Want To Dance” was written by a guy named Bobby Freeman, who apparently played drums nightly for Carol Doda (who I happen to see at Gino & Carlo’s last time I was in SF) nightly at the Condor Club. Great song. Some how I was thinking it was a Beatle tune?
Special points to T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog followers who can identify which other entry features the bling whistle being played in the back ground--by me, I suppose.

Today’s artwork in another one of Scot’s quick little graphite sketches from 1997. Scot and I did like to dance and I choose this little graphite drawing, colored so simply in red and blue washes, because it seems to captures the sweet feeling of dancing, when the rest of the world just slips away and the world takes on a glow. Scot always loved the effect of a truly deckled edge, which I point out on this piece.


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