Saturday, October 10, 2009

Honey I Want The Sunshine

It’s an early Saturday Morning and I’m getting ready to go on vacation in 1750. “The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon” is a neat recreation of Indiana in the early days of settlement. It’s fun—it's when the white people and the Indians still got along. This year I even have a costume. I’ll let you know how it goes with the stays. There is wonderful music (drum and fife corps galore) and food and the clothes! Everyone has this sort of Frenchy, piratey, very flamboyant look.

Today’s musical track is another version of Carlyn Lindsey slaying Janis’ fab, fav—“Turtle Blue”—another slow version. In fact, this track comes from the third rehearsal in the history of CL & SD. What is absolutely remarkable, is that back at this point in time, Carlyn was just coming out as a singer. Basically she’d been singing to herself around the house. Now several years later, she’s off the charts killer, but even way back then, when she was doing something she had never done before, she shone. It is a delight to hear Carlyn laugh on this track.

What is also interesting about this track is that it is Snake Doctor as a trio. In the early days, the group didn’t have a guitar player. The line-up was Scot on bass, Tim Haas (Carlyn’s husband) on drums, Larry Vessily on keyboards and Dave Witherd on horns. The group took off on a slightly jazzy bent. Scot was already getting interested in playing some music from the teens and twenties of the 20th century. At this rehearsal, it was just Scot, Tim, Larry and Carlyn.

Today’s artwork is another original drawing done with graphite and transparent acrylic. Something about this drawing clicked with the music—something about layers and shells—something about positives and negatives and also, being in motion, while staying in the now.

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