Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spell Casting

Open your eyes. You’re here. Open your ears. Open your soul. Open your karma. These are some words. They are some words that tell a story, but are words that can so immediately be substituted for other words. There is so much about this song that just suits me to the soul, but is just so not my story.

I put a spell on you--yes. But you put a spell on me too. There were things you did that were wrong. I was no saint. It didn’t matter. You were mine. I’m yours.

Today’s artwork is a conundrum. Here is this woman. She’s wearing earrings. Here’s the deal. This is not a woman. This is a beautiful face. Classic. Deep. Pure. Something is growing there on the lower left side. This is not me. It’s Scot. Those are not earrings. Those are not breasts. There is something else—there was a real symptom, look for it in his drawings. One eye was bigger. Only he and I noticed it. I’d look at it and I’d know.

Thank you Carlyn—thank you Tim for putting it all together. These moments recorded here were blessed moments. What else could there be? Thank you Dave (Witherd). Thank you Larry (Vessily). Thank you Tim (Haas). Thank you Carlyn Lindsey. And right here, right now, thank you, Scot Halpin.

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