Sunday, October 4, 2009

Electronic Tea Ceremony

Hope you all like electronic music as much as I do. Today is another electronic piece, in seven movements. This piece is another track recorded in conjunction with Scot’s 1988 residency out at the Headlands Center for the Arts, out in the Marin Headlands, just across from Sausalito.
I wanted a thread to string all these beads together, but decided to leave it long and unexplained. On today’s track, Scot is once again the whole show--the composition and the performance are all his own.

I went on a mission to my downstairs stash for today’s artwork. This was about the first piece I encountered and found it perfect. It is an original pen & ink drawing, covered with transparent acrylic. All the elements seem so mysterious and fun. I especially am drawn to that sun & moon center within a wreath of a sun. This piece is from 1999.

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