Thursday, October 29, 2009

Operatic Acknowledgment of the Day

Today’s musical track was selected after a long search. Again one of those situations where when you are looking for something specific, sometimes it’s hard to find. You pass up all kinds of other things that are just great, but no…… I wanted something upbeat and fun in celebration of a friend’s birthday today—something she could dance to. I spoze she could dance to this but she’d have to turn the lights off and have a least a couple scarves. I picked it (a fun pure Basement Collaboration-Jerry, Kenny, Scot—track) because of the silly operatic interlude of Scot’s, which being so Scot-straight-up, I know she will enjoy.

Today’s artwork is a sweet little pen & ink angel with Beethoven curls during in 1997, carrying her little heart wand; she has the moon as her guide.

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