Friday, October 9, 2009

My Engine's In Gear

My engine is not really in gear thanks to my earnest support of the local United Way Campaign auction and party last night, which ended up in the bar with a few holdover from the auction and then a bunch of guys who bought rounds for the entire bar of things like shots butterscotch schnapps!!!!!!!

Today’s music was definitely a Scot Halpin favorite. Scot loved songs that hooked on to this ‘barreling down the road’ kind of beat. This, once again, is the Basement Collaboration—Jerry Farnsworth-guitar, Scot Halpin-bass and back-up vocals, and Kenny Wright on drums. Joining them for the session is Big Bad Bobby Burns.

Every time I see Bobby, I am SO reminded of Scot and hearing him sing and play, even his repertoire, are all so Scot-like. Got to hear Bobby play at John Williams’ ‘Rachel’s CafĂ©’ gig, here in Bloomington last Wednesday, at an impromptu little birthday party for me (thanks to those that made that happen). Today’s track is “Six Days on the Road” by Carl Montgomery and Earl Green, and features Bobby on lead vocals and Johnny Cash-leads.

The artwork for today is an original graphite drawing with minimal transparent acrylic wash, segued into a couple little iconic pieces, both so dear, at the bottom of the page. The drawing was done in 2001.

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