Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eyes on the Road

Poking around—looking for that groove-thing. Delighted to find this wonderful version of the Basement Collaboration, barreling down the hi-way doing “The Doors” (or was is just Jim Morrison’s?) anthem, “Roadhouse Blues.” For both Scot and Jim, that uncertain future was too near.

This track is your basic ‘BC’ line-up, with Scot leading the convoy, on lead vocals as well as his usual bass laces. Kenny is there on drums, so is Nelson on sax. The abstract, but weirdly right guitar parts, were provided by another BC guest named Brian. I am working with Jerry on all the missing artist info. On behalf of the blog, I apologize to anyone who has not been properly credited so far. I will eventually fill in all those holes.

Today’s artwork is another piece from the folder of magazine illustrations Scot did in the 1990’s. This piece appeared in “Bass Player”. Scot dug it that during this period that we could walk into any book store in America and find one or more of his illustrations in publications ‘on the racks’. Scot’s ‘spot pieces’ were always so perfectly to the point.

These were the days, long before the advent of Photoshop. To create this illustration, Scot sketched out the graphic. He then took it to a special photocopy machine that was in the hallway of the library at San Francisco State University that made these super rich black copies on a shiny paper—definitely not archival. He would bring these copies home and fire up the air brush and do two or three versions, which he would then package up and mail to the art director. Special points to blog followers who guessed those edges were made with pinking shears.

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