Sunday, September 27, 2009

Singing Bowls

Today’s musical track is called “Singing Bowls,” in reference to the crystal bowls my friend Janice Jaffe uses in her music healing. Lucky me, today I got to travel down with Janice to Louisville, Kentucky to a music healing conference going on there. WOW! Another whole universe I didn’t know existed. There were some really switched-on people there. People really focused on helping and healing.

I got to tune my vibrations to a machine with a Tesla coil as its base!!! I talked to a couple of people after I got home, and they both commented on how good I sounded. My friend Janice did a lotus blossom of a healing for the group. I fell in easily to the role of roady. Our music today is one of Scot’s solo improvisational electronic jams.

Today’s artwork is a simple pen & ink drawing with bits of umber and sepia wash. I was so happy to find this piece, which I think so perfectly captures the direct improvisational nature of the music. The musical parts are flowing from Scot’s finger-tips just like the bones of blood of this drawing are his own. The drawing was done in the year 2000.

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