Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Got It

Today I just wanted to ease on up a bit. Enough of the demanding listening, already. Today’s music is a soundtrack for a bright, breezy, yet busy day. One could hope for a lot of those. The track was recorded on April 20, 2005. This was fairly early in the project. It is not noted on the disk, but I believe there is another guy named Scott ____, playing rhythm guitar and doing some singing later on in the session.

At this point in their development, the Basement Collaboration was just getting its sea legs. Scot and Jerry had played together for quite some time as “Jamula” and Kenny did start sitting in on a few “Jamula” sessions, just before Tom Smith sadly left Bloomington to go live with family in northern Indiana. We miss you Tom. My point being, that these are early days for the BC. I do notice a kind of feeling around for voices and parts that I like.

Today’s artwork is also an early example of a medium. Today’s drawing was done in 1997. Scot had just worked out this formula for materials that he liked—that formula being Bristol board with fine point permanent ‘Sharpie’ marker, and transparent acrylic paint (as opposed to strictly water color pigments). By watering down acrylic paints, he could move the paint around quickly and be able to fill in large areas quickly (which he liked), but also have color that will be more stable, meaning less likely to fade.

I like this little person, especially their hat. I like this little bird. I have to say that I am seeing more clearly about Scot’s repeated use of this funny little bird. The perspective on this piece is strange. Is this a really tall person--looking up (a little ways) at the bird in the treetop, or maybe he or she is levitating up to the bird, or maybe that tree is actually just a very short tree? I recommend enlarging this one to have a look at the line work.

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