Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here We All Go

Today’s musical track is the 9-27-07 BC session, which features Scot on lead vocals and bass. “When the Saint’s Go Marching In” was definitely one of Scot’s favorite songs. He understood how on some songs, anyone can join in, at just about any point along the way. I have talked about how delighted Scot would be to get to play with a brass player. Today’s fun and fine trumpet is thanks to the licks of Bill ‘still checking’ who you can hear has some wicked chops. Scot thought that it was from this kind of music that many musical forms find their roots—the blues, country, Cajun & Zydico, and more—all pretty much crawled up out of the primordial ooze of the Mississippi River delta, to add a little schmear to life.

Today’s artwork is another wonderful map piece. This is straight India ink that Scot has used here, to paint this beautiful blending of a face, a force and a flower, done on a map of Montana.

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