Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby By-and-By

Comin’ back to me on the 5:03. I picked another “Carlyn Lindsey & Snake Doctor” rehearsal tape. I like the word rehearsal. We get to re-hear things. What was so cool about this band is that they really made some fun when they played. Carlyn was and is ‘super-charged” with instinct and pretty darn blessed with a classy set of pipes…

The words of this song make me kind of sad, because for me, it’s probably going to be a while, and that’s probably a good thing. I do remember going to pick him up, the couple times we actually did different things in the nearly 30 years we were together. I can remember that juicy anticipation. These days I’m left waiting on the platform for my 17 year old son to get home. I’m always glad when I hear his uproar come through the door.

This is a Snake Doctor rehearsal. Listen closely to how Scot drove the band rhythmically. A couple bars in, he shouts out to slow the tempo. Snake Doctor is a band that has always commandeered players with a lot of talent. Dave Witherd and Larry Vessilly were as good of players as Scot had ever played with, as you’ve heard all along on this blog. Tim is a drum who understands the necessity of funk. Scot brought this--totally funky his own bad self--bass presence to the band.

Today’s artwork is a college of sketches Scot has unified with his painting treatment. I love everything about this piece. The non-linear sketch-like quality. I’m especially attracted to the moon-mask. Today the artwork brings the continuity to the T. Scot Halpin Memorial blog. Here again is that $15. pen in action. What I find especially interesting is what he has chosen to wash out—very specific stuff. As a painter, one of my absolute favorite things is a series of primary color washes. If you look closely—all the colors are there.

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