Friday, September 18, 2009

Horning In

Going back to an old traditional favorite, “Bill Bailey”. This was one of my dad’s signature songs. Yes, it’s true. My dad was a bass man too; only my dad’s bass was made out of a small tin garbage pail and a couple of 2 x 4’s. It had one string made out of a parachute cord. My dad liked to really get down and funky on this thing and I have a crystal clear image of him thumping along, squinting into the moment, hammering out the lyrics--clearly grooving. Scot was always amazed how many notes my dad could get out of that one string.

Today’s musical track is another shake of the Basement Collaboration dice. This feature our familiar Jerry-Kenny-Scot basis. Blowing the trumpet is a guy named Jim (checking with Jerry). The track was recorded on September 27, 2007, just a few months before Scotty died. When I think back on the time, I am amazed at how blind I was to what was going to happen. Things seemed good with him. The vertigo was with us every day, but he was actively training his brain to ignore it. The whole thing was so internal, so beyond gauging for the observer. It was hard to tell how things were for him. He would get tired of me always asking him if he was OK.

Today’s artwork is sort of an illustration for the song. I imagine all the elements we see here in this original pen & ink drawing, as some of the things that might be used to lour Bill home.

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