Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These Words Will Do

Today musical track is another page from Scot’s songwriter’s notebook. What I find interesting is the way he moves the sonic elements around. This requires some kind of stereo separation to really appreciate. I am quite certain that Scot did not have lyrics for this piece when he started, making it a free-form jam of sorts, lyric-wise. This was recorded in 1988. Once again, Scot is playing all the parts.

Today’s artwork is a piece I’ve been looking at since I pulled the artwork for the “Bill Bailey” entry. I really wanted to use this drawing for that song, but held it back. This image will do now. If you look closely, you’ll see a little car parked at the side of a very curvy road. The driver of the car has gotten out and is on the way up a ladder, which enters a opening into a ??? Once again, this is a pen and ink drawing with monochromatic transparent acrylic wash. The drawing was done in 2001.

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