Friday, September 4, 2009

Love the Rain

Today’s musical track is one of those reach into the pie and pull out a plum kind of searches and features the voice, guitar and original material of another Basement Collaboration guest, Aaron Persinger. I find the balance on this track, "Love the Rain" sublime. Aaron’s strong vocals and ringing guitar weaves in and out of Jerry Farnsworth’s interlocking spaghetti bowl leads. Kenny and Scot are locked in, as was their want. Listen to Scot’s bass line on this track--so brilliantly executed and exquisitely recorded. There is such a warm funky groove goin’ on here. I can’t relate to each and every word of the song personally, but I can deeply and expressly relate to loving the rain, and the swinging, mysterious, dirge-like quality of this song. After all the losses I’ve drawn, I’m down with an occasional dirge.

Today’s artwork is another pen and ink drawing done on Bristol board. The line work was done with a fine point Sharpie. The minimal transparent acrylic wash is so nice. I have already blown this one up (click on the image). The beauty expressed—the firmness of the line, the depth of the subject matter that flows with so much integration through the elements of the composition—all effect me in a way similar to the mood conveyed in today’s musical track. Life is two-sided.

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