Friday, September 25, 2009

Conscious Breathing

Off they go and off we go along with them. Today’s musical track is courtesy of “Jamula”—a piece called “Conscious Breathing. Tom Smith is sure doing a lot of conscious breathing on that mouth organ of his. Scot scales are so iridescent. And Jerry Farnsworth adds all the necessary punctuation with his guitar. I am under the impression that this was the last session “Jamula” recorded before Tom moved. The notation on the CD is ‘FUN LAST’.

Today’s drawing is another one I’ve been looking at for the last few days. The way it works is that I dig around the piles of drawings, looking for a good fit. Sometime I find a piece that I want to use, but I hold instead. I find myself really looking at Scot’s work anew. Each day I find new pieces that I’ve never seen before. Like today’s piece. Here we’ve got another lady making a journey towards--through a hole. It appears there’s a certain amount of suction involved. The piece is an original pen & ink drawing with monochromatic transparent acrylic wash done in 2002.

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