Friday, September 11, 2009


September 11th now carries its own identity—a day when something happened—something that rocked the world. How can we ever forget that stacking up of floors—that dark cloud? Today’s music starts rather ominously, but gentles down in the end. This is a solo demo of an original electronic composition, “Techno Stomp I”—recorded on December 14, 1986. It is my ardent wish that the people who perpetrated the attacks of 9-11-01 come to be known their deeds and that their debt to us all be accounted for.

The artwork for today is a strange black piece. Here we have a tower falling into a hole in the earth. On the horizon there is an easel with some artwork on it that is leaving the building. On top of the tower is a little man who is holding high, a brick. There is another floating brick on the horizon. There’s a flying pincushion thing back there too. Our little man has launched a sailboat of love; out through the blackness it goes, trailing golden, blue and pink light. This original drawing was created in 1999. The line work was created with a fine point Sharpie. The washes are of transparent acrylic.

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