Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Songwriter's Notebook

Today’s track is another one of those little jewel sketches, “Henry the Whistling Hippo”—another of Scot’s children’s songs. On this track Scot tells us the story of Henry the Whistling Hippo. Scot so gracefully slots in the all the parts a good song needs. He had had a true gift when it came to songwriting. This piece was written in 1990.

Today’s artwork is a page from a children’s book Scot made, in partnership with his father, in 1980. We’ve already had the song that goes with this book featured in the blog, but I couldn’t resist putting up this hippo drawing Scot did for the book, “In This Big Old World”. Scot was a very innovative guy—he reached for the stuff around him. This typeface was done before we had 50 million computer fonts. The world is a stamp he had made, that he used over and over.

Since this is a memorial blog, can't help but mentioning, my mom passed in the year 2000, on this day. Love you Mom.

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